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Mum's the word....

Long ago on a very dark and stormy night, in an old and dusty kitchen, the Mad Franklyn Baker was busy mixing up all kinds of concoctions, day and night.  Odors of all sorts penetrated the air. A green vapor glow could be seen miles away through the cloudy windows in that tall house on the hill.  All of a sudden, a thundering bang violently erupted from within the house!  Then, seconds later an unnatural shout of joy rang out from the Mad Franklyn Baker, who then emerged with the greatest creation ever; little mummy mini cakes!

You and your little ghouls can now make the Mad Franklyn Baker creation.

The following is what you will need:

Devil's food Cake Mix (no shame in a box mix; your not the Mad Franklyn Baker)
Wilton Mummies
Spooky/festive Halloween Sprinkles
Mini Cake pans and cup cake paper liners
Electric Green/Monster Green food coloring
Butter cream frosting (the Mad Franklyn Baker says you can use a can)

A cookie scoop is helpful in filling your mini cup cakes.  

Following your cak…

Autumn in Michigan

Fall is in the air here in Michigan and farmers markets are in full swing.  We've been to the Greenfield Village Farmers Market twice this month. If you have a chance you should check it out.

At home our garden tomatoes are turning ripe faster than we can keep up with. There is just nothing like  homegrown tomatoes fresh from the garden.

Wanting to prolong the fruits of summer I put on a pot of tomatoe sauce to simmer the day away. Once its cooled, I put it in bags and freeze for pasta's and soups.

I love knowing what food I preserve is wholesome and free from chemicals, just pure rich and delicious. 

What are you cooking in your kitchens this fall?  Anyone else wanting to hold on to their summer gardens?