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Gingerbread 1877 Schoolhouse Replica

Well I did it, entered a gingerbread house replica of the 1877 Thayer Schoolhouse of Northville Township.  This was a fundraising event for The Friends of Northville Township Historic District Commission  to help renovate one of the township's oldest structures, the Thayer Schoolhouse at the corner of Six Mile and Napier roads.  They had various professional and amateur bakers construct a gingerbread schoolhouse to be auctioned off at the event on November 14th.  The entries were then to be judged by local celebrities and ribbons were awarded to the top three.  

This is my first house not out of a box kit and I've only done them with the kids.  I was having 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on thoughts. Even so far as wanting to hop back in the car to turn around when I arrived at the drop off location. Let me tell you, wow! Some of those gingerbread houses pieces of art.  

My dear brother helped me with my template. I just could not get the roof right, even with his template. I didn’t …

Sweet and Salty treats

Here's a sweet and salty semi-home made treat that's easy to make for your ghosts, ghouls and goblins. 

 So simple, just melt you preferred chocolate chips or candy melts, then dip your pretzel rod half way.  Let the chocolate set for a few minutes.  Then with another color drizzle over each coated rod and add sprinkles or other Wilton characters, such as these too cute characters.  

 Add some red sprinkles for vampire kiss or orange for pumpkin kiss, and a few holiday bone sprinkles, for some bone chill-in tales.  

Have a safe and happy Halloween. 

Smoothie Social and Graduations

**House Party has a new name it is now

In early June, I was awarded a HouseParty #sponsored by #Silk and #NutriBullet.  It was a Smoothie Social.  I think I have discussed how works in a previous post. I was really excited to find that as a Hostess, I would receive a NutriBullet Pro 900, measuring cups, bamboo cutting board, a hard cover recipe book and ice trays.  Earthbound Farms provided vegetable coupons that I was able to use when I provided the fruit and vegetables for my social.  My guests got to take home coupons from Silk, #Earthbound Farms for free products and even 20% off NutriBullet, recipes, Silk Mason jar mugs, and bamboo spoons that we also used at the social.  We tried out many different recipes and my guests and I were very impressed with how amazing the NutriBullet Pro worked over the blender I previously used. Check them out for your-self.  

The end of June brought graduation cakes.  The cakes were simple butter cream, but the humid a…

What Can you do with?

What Can you do with the Limited Edition Oreo White Fudge Cookies, Sunny Seeds candied sunflower seeds and Nestle Toll House Morsels?

Why, a bouquet of cookie flowers!
Simply take your Toll House candy morsels and melt in the microwave (increments of 10 seconds, stirring in between, until melted).  You can pour the melted morsels in a decorators bag (be careful it's very hot) or leave it in the bowl and use a small spoon to put a small dollop in the center of each Oreo cookie.  Let the candy firm a bit, and only working on one cookie at a time because the melted candy hardens quickly, place candied seeds in the center.  You can leave this colorful flower as is or take an extra step by adding butter cream petals in matching colors.  

These are a great, quick, supervised project for Girl Scout Daisies or a school snack and easy to make.  They make a cute treat for the little ones to make for Mother's day or just to enjoy yourself!

Dawn of Spring

Spring is only days away, it's taking its good old time to get here.   The snow has been slowly melting away and we can see our lawn now, with hints of green blades of grass. 
With the renewal of spring I can't wait to get out of doors. I have been making some changes starting with a healthier me.  I started Saturday with the Buddy Up Program.  I'm feeling the pain today, so I think I did something right.  After class my nephew and I came home and made our first fruit and vegetable smoothie.  The sound and look of it was not too impressive.  But my 10 year old nephew and 7 year old niece LOVED it and so did I, despite the color.  

Yes it's Green and just in time for St. Paddy's day!

Add some whip cream and green sugar crystals to these St. Patty shot glass  And no one will be the wiser that it’s a good for you smoothie.  

Now I'm off to get ready for a bake sale fundraiser.