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Santa's workshop.

December is the start of holiday parties and get-togethers. Mine had me making a not your typical gingerbread house, one made out of sugar cubes for a table center piece. It was a first one for me that did not come as a box kit. Where did I start? Going up and down the candy and baking aisles. I was selecting anything with possibilities. Below is what I came up with. If you decide to make one next year I would recommend you stock up on supplies after this season is over.   

Wilton's Cookie Icing worked really well as glue for the sugar cubes.  You still have to wait over night for it to be completely dry for solid walls. 

Some things I just could not walk by like these items by Wilton and Martha Stewart.   They were just too cute.

Sugar cube's. 

To begin, I used my graham cracker as a base for the walls over a paper doily. (You can use parchment paper.) This makes moving it safer until it's completed.  Use your cookie icing as glue/mortar on your cubes. 
Once you stru…

Christmas Cookies in Ann Arbor

Just a short and sweet note on how I spent my day with my sister at Sweet Heather Anne's in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We took a Holiday/Christmas Cookies Class with Heather and her staff. If you ever get the chance, check out the classes she offers.  Below are a few of my photo ready cookies I did in class today.

 This was my first time doing cookies like these. With practice, I may be able to pull these off.  

I think I'm ready to start my Christmas baking now.  Have you started yours yet?