Santa's workshop.

December is the start of holiday parties and get-togethers. Mine had me making a not your typical gingerbread house, one made out of sugar cubes for a table center piece. It was a first one for me that did not come as a box kit. Where did I start? Going up and down the candy and baking aisles. I was selecting anything with possibilities. Below is what I came up with. If you decide to make one next year I would recommend you stock up on supplies after this season is over.   

Wilton's Cookie Icing worked really well as glue for the sugar cubes. 
You still have to wait over night for it to be completely dry for solid walls. 

Some things I just could not walk by like these items by Wilton and Martha Stewart.  
They were just too cute.

 Sugar cube's. 

To begin, I used my graham cracker as a base for the walls over a paper doily. (You can use parchment paper.) This makes moving it safer until it's completed.  Use your cookie icing as glue/mortar on your cubes. 

Once you structure is dry with out worry of it collapsing (trial and error for me) move on to the details.
Using the cookie icing and white candy melts as adhesive for the details.
For details, I used red and white M & M's, candy cane candies, Mrs. Fields Candy Bark, Wilton Mini Candy Cane Sprinkles, meringue cookies, Candy Kisses, sugar cones and sugar sprinkles and dots and Ande's Candy Chocolate's Flipz's and mini marshmallows. I did say I went up and down the aisles.
Its all about what you want and for me I ended up with two styles of houses.
I had been going for the elegant and ended up with cute.  

For the fence I used Flipz the cake board for fencing.
I also dusted the M & M's with edible shimmer dust to give a frosted look.

Using Mrs. Fields Candy Bark as the porch and the mini candy cane sprinkles as broader around it.This roof top is candy melt coated grahams. If you're using the candy melts for adhesive then be sure the house is in a cool area. Candy melts do melt and you don't want your roof sliding into your veggie dip.

The sugar cones were coated with candy melts and rolled in sugar sprinkles and once dry other sprinkles were adhered with candy melts to the trees.

This house I used Mrs. Fields Candy Bark as the roof and the Andes Candies as a door and shutters for the window's and sidewalk. Marshmallows were used for a snowman using a food pen for the face and sprinkle as a carrot for the nose.  

Candy melts were used to adhere the sugar cone trees, sidewalk and sign post, then accented as snow.

 Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas.

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