Spring Dance

Spring is around the corner and I'm counting the days.
Last weekend I saw my first two Robins and look what I found in the yard the other day.

So keeping with the theme of spring, here are some Spring Fairy Princess Ball Dress Cup Cakes.
Found the idea of them on line.

Here's how to make your Fairy Princess Ball Dress Cup Cakes with ribbons of buttercream ruffles.
This is a short cut version.
Start with your basic cup cakes, matching your cup papers with the color of your ball dress.
Bake and cool according to the package.
Set aside.
Take store bought sugar cookie dough, add a few drops of matching food color and kneed into dough until you reach your desired color.
You may need to add more flour to make it workable.

Next, roll out and cut out the top of your dress with a Onesie cookie cutter.
It worked best for us to have a thin cookie.
Bake according to the package; but, before they cool off , take your Onesie cutter and again cut the baked cookie while still warm.
Careful they are HOT.
Doing this keeps the shape uniform and precise because they spread during baking.
Let cool.

Now you can whip up your favorite buttercream or use a store bought version.

 I find the store buttercream to be a little to stiff.

Color the buttercream to match your cookie and cup cake paper.

Using a rose tip, ice your cup cake in ribbons.

Once they are done take a cookie and stick one in the center of each cup cake.
You want a hard cookie to do this.

We accented with a fondant flower at the waist of each dress.

Wishing you a fresh bright spring! 

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