Sugar Art in Michigan

It's been a very busy start to April for me.  #Michigan Ices had their Great Lakes Mini Class and Michigan Sugar Art Showcase.  Amazing how many talented instructors that traveled from near and far all in one place.

We arrived Friday evening for class registration: received our class schedules, and our goody bags.  The showcase competition theme this year was Steampunk with the public viewing on Sunday.

The goodies

My class for Friday evening was a Bas Relife class with Ms. Dianne Gruenberg. 

Bride in Garden 3-D Art

Saturday's class was The Pine Branch and Chocolate Pine Cone Class with Ms. Jennifer Dontz


It is all molded from chocolate. 


Yes chocolate! And the pine cone has a realistic look to it. 

The Mold
Working with a mold is how we accomplished the pine cone.

Our Sunday class ended with mini classes with The Cake Girls
In this class we were shown how to make a modern baby carriage topper.  



A trip to the vendor's room and a delicious banquet dinner is how we ended our wonderful and creative weekend!

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