Bunny Tail Treats

 Since the first day of March I've had my nose pressed to the window looking for signs of spring. Alas, it's Michigan; we've had three days of snow.  Finally, my patience paid off.  I'm happy to report that our spring flowers are poking out of the ground with a few blooming in the sunshine now.  Our neighborhood wildlife is on the move and visiting our yard.  Among them are a few bunny families, which inspired me for these Bunny Tail Treats for Easter.

Bunny Trail Treats
You'll need:
#Lindt White Chocolate Truffles
#OreoThins Cookies "Mint"
Mini Marshmallows
#Wilton Green Candy Melts
Pink Sanding Sugar
Pink or red food coloring
Food safe paint brush
Shallow microwavable bowl
Wax paper
Food safe scissors
Wilton pre-made flowers
#Cadbury mini eggs

Start with the mini marshmallows and food safe scissors; you will be cutting three types of marshmallow shapes and sheet of wax paper.  The first part of your bunny tail treat is the tail.  You're going to begin by rolling your mini marshmallow between your fingers to give it the soft rumpled look of fluff.  Not too long: you don't want a sticky tail.  Once you have the look you want cut the ball in half and set aside with the sticky side down on the waxed paper, this gives you two tails.  (Do this for each bunny tail you are making).

Next, move on to the feet.  For this you want to flatten the marshmallow to an oval shape of feet with your finger tip. Then, cut in half and place the sticky side of the marshmallow down on your wax paper.  Keep the feet pair together, later you will paint the toes with food color. (Do a pair for each bunny tail you are making, with a few extra for safe measure).

The last marshmallow piece you're going to make is the ears.  For this you will need a shallow bowl or plate to pour some pink sanding sugar.  Flatten your marshmallow; you want these to be flatter than the feet, cut them in half placing the sticky side into the pink sanding sugar for the inner bunny ear.  Place ear pairs with sanding sugar up to dry.  (Do a pair for each bunny tail you are making).

Now go back to your bunny feet, you will need your pink or red food coloring and food safe brush.  I found it was easier to have a few drops of food coloring on the waxed paper and a paper towel to wipe the brush of excess coloring.  Touch the brush tip to the food coloring and for the top of your foot make a large dot of color, not too much or it will bleed color all over the foot.  (This is where the extra feet come in handy).  Below the large dot make four extra small dots for the toes.  Let dry.

(Left feet show how the color can bleed if too much is used.)

The second part is the bunny tail base, you will need a Oreo Thins Cookie Mint for each bunny you make. Also, unwrap the Lindt white Chocolate truffles for each one and also set aside.   Lay out a sheet of wax paper big enough to hold all your cookies and a fork.

Take the shallow microwavable bowl and melt the green candy melts in the microwave in 10 second intervals, stirring until completely melted.  Now take an Oreo and a fork in hand and submerge the cookie in the melted candy melts cover both sides of the cookie and using the fork lift the cookie out and place on wax paper.  Do this for each bunny you are making.  While the chocolate is still soft place a Lindt truffle in the center of each cookie base, this will be the bunny bum.

Once each base has a bunny bum, use a toothpick and apply candy melt to the back/sticky side of the bunny tail and attach the tail slightly off the top center of each bunny rump.  Then move on to the feet, take a pair of feet with the toes side to the bottom of each base and using a toothpick apply a little bit of melted candy melts to the sticky side of the foot.  Place the foot on a slight angle against the bunny bum just below the tail.

Once the bottoms and feet are done move on to the ears.  For these, the sanding sugar will face out to either side of the bunny.  This will give the impression that the bunny is reaching into his bunny den for his stash of carrots with his tail in the air.  Follow the same process to attach the ears to the top of the bunny as you did for the feet.

Don't worry if the feet or ears or tail are not center, no two bunnies are ever the same. Unless they are twins, that is.  Now you can stop here or make a batch of green royal icing and a decorator's bag and garb a grass tip.  Take your grass tip and pipe around the bunny.  You can add an egg or pre-made flowers beside the bunnies to give it a more festive look.

Let me know your Bunny Tail Treats tips.

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