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Love Bug Cakes

Semi Hand-crafted  
Love Bug Cakes   

Here's a fun little dessert to make for Valentine's Day.   

 You’ll need:    
Little Debbie "Be My Valentine" Cakes (10 count 11 oz. box)
Hershey's Milk Chocolate Drops (8 oz. bag)
Jumbo Topping Cherries (12 oz. jar)
Red Candy Melts (12 oz. bag)
Heart Sprinkles
Parchment or Wax paper
Wilton Foodwriter pen in Black
Microwave safe glass measuring cup (8 oz. size)
Cookie Sheet
Bamboo Skewer
Take your glass measuring cup and your candy melts and in increments of 10 to 30 seconds melt your candy wafers. Stir until melted.  Meanwhile place your drained jumbo cherries on a paper towel. Line the cookie sheet with wax or parchment paper and lay your valentine cakes on it.
Take your bamboo skewer and poke into one towel dried cherry (about 1/4" deep) and dip it into your melted candy melts/candy coating until completely covered. This is your bug body. Raise slowly and let excess drip off. Carefully place on your valentine cake, leaving room for the Hershey drop. Slowly remove skewer.  Once in position place a Hershey drop (writing facing inward) against the cherry body.  This is your love bug head. 

Once your love bugs are in place let stand until firm 10 to 15 minutes or shorten the time by chilling them in the freezer until firm about 5 minutes.  When firm take your black food writer pen and draw a line down the center of the back for the wings. You can draw hearts or spots on the wing sides or take your bamboo skewer and dip the tip into your melted coating and touch where ever you want to glue your heart sprinkles on the wings.  Follow the same process for the face. 

Now you have your very own Love Bugs!

Depending on how many jumbo cherries and Little Debbie "Be My Valentine" cake boxes you purchase, you can get about 20 cakes. I found most of these food items on sale, coming in under $12.00. 
Hope you enjoy these with your little Valentines.                                                                                


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