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Marzetti and House

On my last post I told you I was picked by to be a host for Marzetti dressing. This was my first party for and it was all new to me.  

Who and what is you ask?  I'll give it my best to tell you.

They are a company who picks you to host a home party.  But it's not your typical home party.  Nope, your not selling a thing.  All they want from you is your thoughts and feedback on the products/brands by their sponsor.  It starts with sending you a party pack.

 The Party Pack 

Inside the Party Pack 

My party pack included from my sponsor Marzetti:  insulated  full-size grocery bags, packs of wonderful Marzetti recipes cards and $1.50 coupons for each of my guests. For the host they sent me eight coupons for free bottles of Marzetti dressings for my guests to sample.  Then they sent two Salad bowls, one for the host and one for a guest.  All this was in my party pack that was delivered ahead of my party.   

The Goodies 

I picked a fall harvest theme for mine, set up a salad bar with the Marzetti recipes on display for my guests to follow and sample the wonderful dressings.  We had a dessert bar and then we played a holiday game with the harvest-colored wrapped salad bowl. I handed out the Marzetti bags which I had embellished with a harvest-colored ribbon and tossed in two style ink pens.  It was full of non-stop laughter which started at three in the afternoon and did not end until quarter to seven.  

 The Bags 

The Bags the Day of the Party 

 Sample Salad Bar 

Sample Salad Bar and Recipe Cards 

All I had to do is host the party; and then fill out a survey that sent to each of us. Talk about a no-pressure house party!  It was that simple. 

I can't wait to attend or host another home party. I hope you take a minute to check them out. 


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