Saying good bye?

Well, it's been awhile since my last post.  In April I had to say good bye to my dear beloved grandfather.  He was 94 years old and in January of this year he and my grandmother celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary. Yes, 72 years of marriage, if I'm ever so lucky. While reminiscing with my family and friends we remembered what a character he was and what a full and eventful life he had.  We've been truly blessed.  Love you Grandpa!

On a less tearful note, I was able to wish a dear co-worker a Happy Retirement with a butter cream yellow sheet cake. 

 The roses were done in red fondant and dusted with edible glitter to give that morning dew look.  

 Our co-worker did a wonderful job putting this all together; just check out the flowers.

 And after after 29 years of dedication, we wish Regina the best in her new adventure.  
The office will never be the same.  

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