Mother's Day

Inspired by the March 2014 Martha Stewart Living magazine, I tried my hand at making macarons for a treat for my Mother. To give them my own personal touch, I added a few embellishments of drizzling white chocolate over them and then adding pastel sprinkles. I also added a beautiful fondant rose and in between some rich chocolate ganache.

“A wish for Mother’s Day”
By Saundra Jackson   

A multi-tasking wonder
A woman like no other
A woman we all know and love
A woman we call mother.
On Mother’s Day we’ll thank her with sweet sentiments and flowers
For a lifetime of her loving care
In just a few short hours.
“I am just a mom” is what a mom might say.  
But her kids would beg to differ as they celebrate her day.
So here’s a wish for Mother’s Day to moms both near and far.
A wish that you will always know how wonderful you are. 

Wishing my mother and you and yours a Happy Mothers day!

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