Sweet and Salty treats

Here's a sweet and salty semi-home made treat that's easy to make for your ghosts, ghouls and goblins. 

 So simple, just melt you preferred chocolate chips or candy melts, then dip your pretzel rod half way.  Let the chocolate set for a few minutes.  Then with another color drizzle over each coated rod and add sprinkles or other Wilton characters, such as these too cute characters.  

 Add some red sprinkles for vampire kiss or orange for pumpkin kiss, and a few holiday bone sprinkles, for some bone chill-in tales.  

Have a safe and happy Halloween. 


Summer Squash Casserole

  Ingredients:                    Summer Squash Casserole                 4 Cups Young Zucchini Squash, unpeeled 1/4" Sliced and diced ...