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Gingerbread 1877 Schoolhouse Replica

Well I did it, entered a gingerbread house replica of the 1877 Thayer Schoolhouse of Northville Township.  This was a fundraising event for The Friends of Northville Township Historic District Commission  to help renovate one of the township's oldest structures, the Thayer Schoolhouse at the corner of Six Mile and Napier roads.  They had various professional and amateur bakers construct a gingerbread schoolhouse to be auctioned off at the event on November 14th.  The entries were then to be judged by local celebrities and ribbons were awarded to the top three.  

This is my first house not out of a box kit and I've only done them with the kids.  I was having 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on thoughts. Even so far as wanting to hop back in the car to turn around when I arrived at the drop off location. Let me tell you, wow! Some of those gingerbread houses pieces of art.  

My dear brother helped me with my template. I just could not get the roof right, even with his template. I didn’t know how to account for the thickness after baking. 

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  


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Mother's day Brunch

For the beginning of May I kept busy with a simple buttercream retirement cake.  I used a butter cream transfer method to create this sweet red motor cycle, camper and camp fire.  Then I  constructed a retirement plaque out of rolled fondant.    Best wishes to the United States Postal Service Person, enjoy your retirement.

On  Mother's Day I did a spring brunch for my mother on Sunday afternoon.  I made this Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche, a recipe I found fromMartha Stewart. I used a pre-made pastry shell and I added portobello mushrooms to the recipe. Using some of the egg white, I brushed on the edge of the pie crust to give that golden glossy shine to it. It was a very easy and quick recipe to whip up and you can even do it ahead of time for convenience.

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Spring Bazaar Arts and Craft

St. John's held their annual Spring Bazaar on April 8th. 

Bake sale items were to help raise money for a new roof.  I made these cupcakes and a few mini cake's with my new Russian cake tips for the bake sale.

I packaged up, the single cupcakes in ice cream cups and taped a clear cup upside down as a cover.  This made for a great to go cup.  

I made up multi packs of three and four cupcakes in spring colored and bunny boxes.

For the mini cakes I removed the cup cake holder insert and placed the 5" cakes inside.  They fit perfectly. 

After checking in, I found the single-serve cups sold faster than the multi-packs.  A good thought for next bake sale. Be sure to stop by next year to check out the wonderful artists and vendors. 

Summer Harvest Party

**House Party has a new name it is now

It’s been a busy summer so far, but I was able to put in a kitchen garden this year.  

It was just in time to win a Ball Made To Share canning House Party which was sponsored by Newell Brands.