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Santa's workshop.

December is the start of holiday parties and get-togethers. Mine had me making a not your typical gingerbread house, one made out of sugar cubes for a table center piece. It was a first one for me that did not come as a box kit. Where did I start? Going up and down the candy and baking aisles. I was selecting anything with possibilities. Below is what I came up with. If you decide to make one next year I would recommend you stock up on supplies after this season is over.   

Wilton's Cookie Icing worked really well as glue for the sugar cubes.  You still have to wait over night for it to be completely dry for solid walls. 

Some things I just could not walk by like these items by Wilton and Martha Stewart.   They were just too cute.

Sugar cube's. 

To begin, I used my graham cracker as a base for the walls over a paper doily. (You can use parchment paper.) This makes moving it safer until it's completed.  Use your cookie icing as glue/mortar on your cubes. 
Once you stru…

Christmas Cookies in Ann Arbor

Just a short and sweet note on how I spent my day with my sister at Sweet Heather Anne's in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We took a Holiday/Christmas Cookies Class with Heather and her staff. If you ever get the chance, check out the classes she offers.  Below are a few of my photo ready cookies I did in class today.

 This was my first time doing cookies like these. With practice, I may be able to pull these off.  

I think I'm ready to start my Christmas baking now.  Have you started yours yet?

Marzetti and House Party.Fun

**House Party has a new name it is now

On my last post I told you I was picked by Houseparty.FUN to be a host for Marzetti dressing. This was my first party for and it was all new to me.  

Who and what is you ask?  I'll give it my best to tell you.

They are a company who picks you to host a home party.  But it's not your typical home party.  Nope, your not selling a thing.  All they want from you is your thoughts and feedback on the products/brands by their sponsor.  It starts with sending you a party pack.

The Party Pack 

Inside the Party Pack 
My party pack included from my sponsor Marzetti:  insulated  full-size grocery bags, packs of wonderful Marzetti recipes cards and $1.50 coupons for each of my guests. For the host they sent me eight coupons for free bottles of Marzetti dressings for my guests to sample.  Then they sent two Salad bowls, one for the host and one for a guest.  All this was in my party pack th…

Frankie and the Ghost

Being that Halloween is around the corner and all the stores are putting out their stock I was hit with inspiration when I laid my eyes on Frankie. I couldn't even wait for a sale; he was to cute to pass up.  And just who is Frankie, you ask?  Meet Wilton's Frankie! 

And of course, I just had to create something with him.  I've added a few new pictures. 

Now you know why I just had to run with Frankie and give him a sidekick for the season.
Here's how to do your own Frankie and Ghost snack cakes.

You'll need:

Little Debbie Fall Party Cakes (10 cakes per box)Kraft Jet-Puffed Ghost Mallow Marshmallow  Brach's Autumn Mix Wilton Candy Melts in Vibrant Green (12 oz. bag)Wilton Icing Decoration aka Frankie (12 count) Wilton Food Writer Pencookie sheetsmall Ramekin bowlParchment or Wax paper Take yourFood Writerpen and add faces your Ghosts Mallow. Set aside on a cookie sheet-lined with wax or parchment paper - to dry. Melt 1/4 cup of Candy Melts in a small microwave-sa…

Super hero's and pirates... Oh my!

Hello again.  As I said in my last post I was busy in the early half of August making a Spider Man cake for my nephews 5th birthday. It was done in fondant and butter cream frosting.  I found the Spider Man figure and car at Meijer.   I took a hint from a book of my sister-in-law’s and got crafty with my cake board by gluing a red satin ribbon around edge to help bring it all together.

This past week I did a pirate theme cake for a friend’s son, made of fondant and butter cream frosting.

The ocean was a half sheet cake swimming with gummy fish. 

The ropes and the cannon were created from fondant; but, for the sails I used bamboo skewers stained with brown food coloring and then I pierced them through parchment paper to create the sails.  

The cross bones were done with a foodwriter, while the treasure chest is fondant and filled with edible pearls. The boat cake was made from small oval pans, then carved, frosted with butter cream, and then covered in wood impression fondant.  

I hop…
Hello again! I've been busy; first with St. Patricks day, I did a butter cream covered chocolate cake for a friend who had been bugging me for a cake since Christmas.   Oh and bought a new camera.  Check out the little clovers on the sides, and that's Christmas (shh don't tell anyone) sugar sprinkles around the edge.  

Then in late March there was the 2012 Great Lakes Minni classes.  I had a really great time, learned a lot and met some really nice people from around the world.  I took another of Nicholas Lodge's classes.  He knows his stuff.  Even gave me some helpful information to use for a bridal shower that I can't wait to try. 

              Next was Bronwen Weber's class. What a nice, sweet and fun instructor.  She showed us how to hand mold chocolate.  Then cover it in fondant. It's not as easy as it looks, takes a lot of hand strength.

Take a look below we stared out with a board and wire. 

Then we worked and worked a large block of molding choc…

Love Bug Cakes

Semi Hand-crafted Love Bug Cakes

Here's a fun little dessert to make for Valentine's Day.   

You’ll need: Little Debbie "Be My Valentine" Cakes (10 count 11 oz. box) Hershey's Milk Chocolate Drops (8 oz. bag) Jumbo Topping Cherries (12 oz. jar) Red Candy Melts (12 oz. bag) Heart Sprinkles Parchment or Wax paper Wilton Foodwriter pen in Black Microwave safe glass measuring cup (8 oz. size) Cookie Sheet Bamboo Skewer Take your glass measuring cup and your candy melts and in increments of 10 to 30 seconds melt your candy wafers. Stir until melted.  Meanwhile place your drained jumbo cherries on a paper towel. Line the cookie sheet with wax or parchment paper and lay your valentine cakes on it. Take your bamboo skewer and poke into one towel dried cherry (about 1/4" deep) and dip it into your melted candy melts/candy coating until completely covered. This is your bug body. Raise slowly and let excess drip off. Carefully place on your valentine cake, leaving room for the Hers…